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My favorite sessions show love, personality, relationships, life.  My favorite subjects are the ones who can look in my camera and declare “Here I am, for better or for worse.”  I love photographing a child’s tantrum as much as I love a good snuggle.  I love the unexpected moments, the accidental photograph.  I love to photograph a goofy grin, a shared laugh.  I want to photograph a session that inspires memories, that takes you back to a specific moment in time.  I love my job, and I’m honored to put my clients in front of my lens.

About Pikku Arkki Valokuvaus

Pikku Arkki Valokuvaus ultimately documents the love affair between my children and me.

Pikku Arkki Valokuvaus means Little Ark Photography in English.  Its original title is Finnish.  Finnish is the language spoken in Finland.  And Finland, in case you didn’t know (you wouldn’t be the first) is the country sandwiched between Sweden and Russia.  It’s a beautiful, clean, safe, socialist wonderland that has been home to me – an Arizona native- for the past 10 (TEN!!!) years.

Like many photographers, I was originally inspired by my children. When my first son was born, I didn’t want to miss a thing. Now three kids and three cameras later, I still can’t get enough of them. Practicing on them has taught me how to think on my feet, how to aim and fire with speed and accuracy, so I never miss a moment of YOUR session.

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STARTMay 2014
  • Six and a day

    So, when does this stop?  This time warp thing?  Because I could have SWORN it was just yesterday that I was childless, casually minding my own business, walking my dog, when I felt a sharp OUCH!  The ouch, of course, being the start of labor.  Which lead to many more OUCHes, which resulted in a perfect baby boy.  I mean, that was just yesterday, right? No.  Apparently, it was six years ago.  APPARENTLY time speeds up as life goes on.
  • Stolen moments with a tutti

    I'm a working girl now.  Because I work.  All day.  Everyday.  Which is partly awesome and partly exhausting/overwhelming.  Which is something all working mothers know.  It's just that I didn't really know.  Because I haven't really done this before.  The whole work an eight hour day and then find time to grocery shop, clean, cook, and spend time with my kids thing.  Especially that last thing- the most important thing- spending time with my kids. Because, dang.  I miss them. Which is good.  I think I've said it before, but I needed to miss them.  I need to miss them.  It makes our time together better. Here is some time with Adelaide in photos.  Adelaide who grows bigger and more independent all the time.  Adelaide who grows into and then out of phases quicker than I can blink.  For instance, for a while when she was mad, she would make what we coined "the duck face."  She would stick her lips out so far she would cover her nostrils with them and then give us the stink eye.  I never got a photo of it, because she'd put that duck face away when I got a camera out.  And she eventually stopped altogether.  Probably because it had the exact opposite effect she intended- I'd just bust out laughing.
  • In the end, thank you…?

    Okay, I try to keep things uplifting on this site.  There's enough bad juju out on the interwebs to make even the happiest souls dark with sadness and despair. But I can keep silent no longer.  I have to speak out. Against children's soccer clubs in Helsinki. Because, dear readers, they're FLIPPIN' NUTS.  Totally insane.  Like, cuckoo bananas all up in this place.  
  • Autumn!!

    I was just talking with a friend on Thursday about the changes to my vocabulary since moving to Europe. 1.  I always say "trousers" now and never "pants."  Because in England, "pants" means "underwear" and I don't want to confuse the two. 2.  I use "pram" when talking about the big Mutsy stroller I use.  "Stroller" just doesn't cut it, because this thing is a beast.  In fact, I should probably start calling it a chariot, because it's a pretty sweet ride. 3.  I never say "fall" anymore.  Always "autumn."  I'm just afraid Finns won't know what I'm talking about if I say "Fall is coming."  This is my own hangup.  I bet 98% of Finns WOULD understand.  But just to make sure my meaning is clear, I say "autumn."  And autumn is the title of this post.  Or, rather, Autumn!! Because autumn is here.
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